Monday, November 30, 2009

The Music Man...

In re-reading that last post, I realize I may have given the wrong impression. Being hot and exciting is certainly not the only thing I love about the music man and it's only a very small part of the reason why I love him.

The music man has a knack for making me feel like I found something that I'd written off as being a part of my future. He's the fairy tale. When I'm with him, he makes me feel good about myself which is something I don't normally feel. With him I feel sexy, smart and happy. Peaceful in fact, which is a word that I can't remember anyone using to describe me before. Turbulent is usually more my speed and calm and peaceful feels damn nice.

I can be myself with him - like you get to be with your best friends. You can relax and just enjoy. It's one of those things you know you'll regret if you screw it up. Anyway, enough singing the music man's praises; his ego is big enough as it is lol

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You may want to skip this one ...

I'm having one of those days where you question everything you do. Was that the right decision? Should I have been more patient? Am I being too patient? You know - a day where nothing you do is going to be right, guaranteed.

Work is going well. An opportunity came up to post for a job in a different Georgetown branch but I think I'm going to take a pass on it. The job appeals a lot but the shop doesn't and I really love the people I work with.

I do need to be less bored (in general) though. Money seems to drip through my fingers when I have nothing better to do. I think I'm having a week where I feel decidedly too vanilla. Remember when you were younger and you did crazy things and life was just so exhilirating? If you were me you jumped out of planes, you travelled, you did things just for the adrenaline. Now, I'm a boring old woman who goes to work everyday and is far too dependable and responsible. I suppose these are not bad qualities but every once in awhile you get that itch that says just do it - whatever the thing is that suddenly caught your eye.

I think part of my dissatisfaction is coming from my relationship with the music man. Don't get me wrong - it can be very exciting and hot when it's on but when it's not I worry that I'm behaving like a doormat and that's just not me. It's a fine line that divides being understanding when someone is going through a tough time and facing events that fall into that "life event" category you see on your benefits statements from work and being too understanding and not standing up for yourself and what you need. I'm apparently straddling it in a way that I am not finding satisfying in the least. Course I was stupid and let me heart get involved. My brain says one thing and my heart another. Bah, humbug I say!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Slow Day

In non-romantic news, things are going well. I've got all the puppies spoken for except mine who does admittedly still need a foster home. I even have a few deposits down for the next litter and a possible foster home for Cello.

Mom is still out in BC with my sister and the boys. They went north to Tofino for a few days and apparently had a good time. Alex is claiming he's ill so he can't go to school and can spend more time with his grandmother.

Dad and I are coping despite my alarm which decided not to go off this morning. The dogs let me sleep until 9:30 - it was wonderfully decadent. Thankfully I didn't work until noon so I didn't have to worry about being late.

I did finish the powerpoint presentation for judges that the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Canada asked me to do. I need to send it out to all the directors now so they can make any suggestions they wish and then it will be good to go for presentations across Canada. It's my contribution for the year as past president.

I got my Christmas present from Pin and have been shamelessly indulging. I'm hoping to watch it for a third time this weekend lol I may be old but apparently I'm not dead yet.

Puppy people are coming on Sunday. This means it's cleaning day in the morning. Yech. If I could afford to have someone else clean my house I can guarantee I would. I hate cleaning and it's been raining all week so you can guess how much mud the dogs have dragged in.

I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm still not sure if Bug is pregnant or not. If she is, she's not having many cause she just isn't that big yet and she's 6 weeks along. I'm going to dig out the fetal monitor and see if I can find any heartbeats. If I can't I may take her to the vets for an ultrasound just to be on the safe side.

Jeannie put a hole in the fence just so the tart could get into Frost's pen. I am less than amused. She, on the other hand, seems exceedingly satisfied. At least one of us is...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

For those of you interest in life in the doghouse...

you can see our canine blog at

See you there...

A Gray Day

I"m getting really tired of gray November weather. I'd even prefer snow at this point. The damp is dreary to say the least and my bones are making me regret getting out of my warm bed each day.

Red commented that she reads cheap romances but invariably feels disappointed by the end and Blade asked why she read them then. I read them too when I need a break from my normal reading. Not that my normal reading is all that intellectual but it does at least have a plot as a general rule. The problem I find with cheap romances is that invariably about halfway through the book, I put it down in disgust and stop reading it. I find myself feeling cheated. Surely I, with my minimal skills, could write something better than this crap. Of course this always invites the question well then why don't you for which I have yet to come up with an answer. Maybe one of these days.

No news on the music man front which is probably why I'm feeling as dreary as the weather. I find myself thinking that a few days of doing nothing but soaking up sun would go over well. Preferably on a beach with lots and lots of tall, frosty, drinks and a ton of books. I'd like to have nothing to do all day but read, drink and sleep. Mind you if that were to actually happen I'd be bored too quickly, miss the dogs and be lonely all at once. So much for a vacation lol

Actually the dogs have been pretty good. I've been telling them all about my romantic woes since it seems wiser than confiding in my father. Delceg, my Hungarian visitor, climbed on the chair last night after I complained about my lack of a love life and reached over to first plant a very wet kiss on my face, followed by his version of a hug - which knocked me off my chair and down onto the kitchen floor. Who says dogs don't empathize?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two in one day, I'm on a roll ...

I forgot a few things (so what else is new) ...

There's a GWP rescue at the local pound. I'm worried about him. Apparently he is not doing well. GWPs and GSPs often don't do great in pounds. They need to be with people and they need to have their exercise needs met. Too little of either one and you can get a hyper animal that loses social skills and withdraws from people, focussing more on toys and romps by his/herself. Klaus is in such a situation. He is not doing well and they have removed him from the adoption floor temporarily. I'm worried he'll become unadoptable if things continue like this. I would love to take him here and find him a home but that means another mouth to feed in the meantime. This would not necessarily bother me so much but I'm not the main billpayer so I do have to respect others opinions on the matter. I just get upset when I can't help them.

My Christmas projects continue and I'm not doing too badly despite much teasing. It would help if I was more decisive and didn't buy thigs that catch my eye for the project only to reject them later when I find something else along the same theme that I like more. I should have the Pirates ready for Christmas. The Idaho Special will take longer but that's okay, it stays with me until my next visit to Idaho so I figure I have a bit of time. Lots of time, if I end up having surgery in January (which is looking increasingly unlikely but I'm not ready to give up hope yet).

I have given in to a long time desire and agreed that once I have a firm date for the surgery I will get a laptop. If I'm going to be stuck on my ass for that long, I'll need a computer or go insane. (No comments from the peanut gallery regarding the current status of my sanity please.) I can't believe that my surgeon's office hasn't heard back yet from the surgeon they are asking for a second consult from. It's been over a month now. I'm worried that they will hear back and it will be a few months before I can see him which might be more than I can bear. This may end up being one of those occasions where Heather the witch emerges and gets bossy.

I got a great picture of Sonnet from Nancy in Texas the other day. She recently finished her IABC championship. I think she's singled out in her pursuit of her American championship and needs only majors now. I know she's got at least one leg towards her Juniors Hunter title as well. I'm invariably evious of how Nancy accomplishes with her dogs. They all get shown, hunt, obedience, agility. It's very impressive. I'm lazy by comparison lol I'm hoping she'll have her at the Nationals in Florida this year. I'm planning on going and hopefully meeting some of my southern friends as well as seeing the ones I get to see more routinely.

OK, I fell off the wagon again...

I know, seven months since my last post is not consistent blogging. I'd offer many great excuses in my defence - new boyfriend, problems with the leg, but in reality it's just me forgetting that someone might have an interest in my life again.

I realize that that last paragraph will immediately have a few of you going - what new boyfriend? details please! - but you'll have to do without. We're still together but going through a rough patch and I'm just not up to writing about it until I feel like I'm standing on firmer ground again.

So, onto other things. It would take forever to get you guys caught up on the various activities of the last few months so we'll just keep moving forward and I will eventually get to blogging those past trips that I keep meaning to tell you all about.

Becca's puppies came upstairs this past Sunday. They're very cute, fat little bundles. I'm already seeing a few I really like which is always bad news as far as Dad is concerned. Maybe I can find a nice foster home for one of the girls. They're eating softened kibble already and can clean a dish faster than their mother which is saying something.

I'm looking forward to the specialties in Boston. It looks like Charlie is only one of two veterans so his chances are good even if you ignore how great he looks for an old fart. Buffy is really starting to mature so I'm hoping she'll be in the hunt for points as well. Sarah has her heart set on Lucy but I don't think Lucy's mature enough yet to compete for the points so I'm thinking that after this we'll pull Lucy from competition for a bit and concentrate on Buffy. I'm just looking forward to a break. I'm really stressed lately between the music man, my leg and just being overtired so I'm hoping that a few days away will help me kickstart myself back into gear. Besides, I've never been to Boston or Rhode Island before and I love exploring. I'm trying to talk the music man into coming with me but I'm doubting he'll be able to get away from work.

I have also learned new things today. First and foremost, do not try to dry your hair by hanging your head out the car window while driving. I discovered that Mom had taken her hair dryer with her to BC as I hurried to get ready for work this morning and ran around with wet hair. In an attempt (that actually kind of worked) not to show up at work with wet hair I stuck my head out the window as I drove. Let me tell you, it is very hard to drive straight with your head out the window.

On a lighter note:

Did you know that chickadees swarm like teenagers? The bird feeder was only empty of seeds for a day - two days max. So we refilled it. Out of nowhere, like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, there are chickadees everywhere. The woodpeckers and nuthatches are playing it smart and keeping their distance until the feeding frenzy dies down. Meanwhile the chickadees are jostling each other at the feeder. The feathers are flying and downy breasts are being thrust out in a bid to prove whose the better bird. The dogs think it's better than tv lol